Different Outift Day 3 | My Personal Style, Before

My Style, Before

Welcome to my shirt drawer. To be specific, this is where my long shirts live. I have a separate drawer for short sleeves and tanks. But it’s very similar. Please note the overwhelming lack of pattern. In starting to think more about my clothes it became very, very clear to me that I’m stuck in a rut of solid-on-solid. I wear a solid colored shirt with a solid skirt and call it style.

Sure I match. I match really well. But where’s the excitement? Where’s the interest? Where’s the reflection of me?

That’s what style is all about, right? It’s all about reflecting who you are on the outside. It’s like being able to define yourself in a language that everyone can understand and see clearly. It’s also a language I want to speak more fluently. I would say someone who wears so much basic boring clothes has her mind other places. She’s simplified, not so fussy. She up for comfort before fashion, and maybe she doesn’t put herself first. And while all this might be exactly right, it’s not the whole story.

I’m creative and strong. I love a challenge, and I’m a spirited person. And while I love to be comfortable, I like to show off some flare too. (Not that the two are mutually exclusive.)  I like to be unique. I want my clothes to show that. Not that I’m eager to trash everything in my shirt drawer to start over, but I need to shift my thinking. These solids make a good foundation, a perfect place to start and build and make something new.

I kind of feel like I’m on the verge of style, like I’m just starting to define myself through my clothes. It’s taking some trial and error and effort, but these 30 Days of different outfits will be a good start.

How do you define your personal style? Where did you start?


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      Ooo. I love a good necklace to spice up an outfit, for sure. I think solids feel very safe, which I hope doesn’t mean the same as boring. I’m learning!

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