iPhone Photography Day 18 | The Art of the Selfie

Let's face it, the best part of having a smart phone camera are the  selfies.  Here are tips to help you  get the very best self portraits. | In The Next 30 DaysI just chopped my hair in a big and dramatic way. And I walked out of the salon, got in my car, and took a selfie.

Some days, I take more photos of myself than of anyone else. This is because taking photos of myself is so simple with my iPhone. It’s always with me. I can see the photo I’m taking. I can pose myself in 20 different ways if I want and then get on with my day. And that is a beautiful thing.

I believe there’s an art to a good selfie. Don’t you think? And the best selfies follow some basic rules. Here’s how to get a great self-shot, every time.

Find your best angle.

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Shoot from the top, bottom, chin to the left or right. Everyone has a good angle, so the trick is to find yours. I like to raise my phone above eye level so I’m looking up, just slightly. That helps get rid of any trace of extra chin that might threaten to ruin a photo.

Avoid the mirror.

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Unless you need a selfie that includes your whole body, don’t shoot in the mirror. Mirror shots can be distracting and amateur. And no one really needs to see your phone case or bathroom counter in the shot. And if you do have to show your entire outfit, get creative about how you shoot.

Selfies are more than just you’re face.

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Shoot your feet on the beach. Your hands at the keyboard. Your legs by the pool. Think outside the box for the most unique and memorable shots.

Make sure there’s plenty of light.

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A high quality selfie always has plenty of light. This is especially important when you’re shooting with the front-facing camera. Good light will make you more visible and the photo less grainy. And if you’re lucky, you can use the light as a feature in your photo. And I love that.

Think about your background too.

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Yes. Your selfie is all about you. But what’s (or who’s) behind you can make or break your photo. Consider your surroundings before you start snapping. Not only will your photos be more interesting, but you’ll have thought out your composition a bit more and your photos will be even better.

What’s your go-to trick to get the best selfie ever?