Launching a Freelance Career Day 1

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In these 30 Days, I'm laying the foundation for and launching a freelance career in graphic design. | In The Next 30 DaysThis 30 Day challenge has been bubbling for months. Maybe years.

I mean, I graduated from graphic design school almost four years ago. And I rock Illustrator and Photoshop here on my blog. I use them both pretty much everyday. Somedays, I even get to work InDesign too. But still I hesitate to call myself a designer. I am slow to tell my kids that their mom is a graphic designer. I’m timid when I am asked about what I do or even if I am for hire.

Writing? Sure. I’ll tackle any writing project you hand to me. And if you want blogging advice and help, sure I can do that too. And I know I am a good designer, but I’ve never put myself out there in the same, strong, all-out kind of way with graphic design.

But then a lot of things happened pretty much at once.

First, my dear friend Kathy finished an amazing book. And she asked me first to read it and to design a cover for it. And I did.

Another amazing friend, Becca, recommended The War of Art by Steven Pressfield to me, and I fell deeply on every page. It was that good.

Then my kids started back to school, and in the last six weeks I’ve found that I need something more creative to fill my free hours. I really need to flex some creative muscles that have only been stuck on the hand weights when I should’ve been bench pressing barbells. (Halloween crafts will only last me so long.)

Jessica over at Chaos and Love has been telling me for months (maybe a year) that I need to promote my design work, sell my services, get my name out there. And she’s right. I did her blog, why not do more work like that.

I’m listening to the universe. I’m trying to stay plugged into what the world has in store for me, and I’m working to live a life that I craft with intention not because it’s what happened. I want to coat myself in my job, own it, and really love it all at the same time.

So for these 30 Days, I’m working to launch my freelance career in graphic design.

There I said it. And now I can’t take it back. *whew*

I need to lay a firm foundation in order to make a freelance career successful. And I will have to work through some of the fear that’s held me back for so long. Because I see it now that it’s just as matter of being scared.

This month will mean I have to deal with the not so fun stuff, like making myself legal and figuring out bookkeeping. But I promise I will balance that with more fun aspects of setting up a freelance business like building a web site or designing a logo. You might even find me over on Etsy this month.

In these 30 Days, I'm laying the foundation for and launching a freelance career in graphic design. | In The Next 30 DaysI know that a career is built in more than just 30 Days. But I also know that I need a firm and strong basis to begin with, or I probably won’t ever begin at all.

What goals are you setting for yourself In The Next 30 Days?