Day 22 Power of She | Community is a Powerful Thing

WHen it comes to nurturing and supporting strong women, community is essential. | In The Next 30 Days
Somedays are productive, motivated, beautiful, and perfect. And somedays I’d give anything to crawl back under the covers. Occasionally, I get all kinds of ragey, and then sometimes I just want to sit still and watch something trashy on television. But no matter my mood, no matter what gets done or undone, I have this amazing community of support that understands me and gets what I do.

It’s my community that makes me stronger. Community is that essential.

My community layers run deep. I have my family community, who loves me no matter what. There’s my community of old and dear friends who have known me forever and aways. I have a community of mom friends, of preschool mothers and teachers. And I have an amazing community of blogger friends who share my passion that I wish would just move onto my street already.

Here’s the thing about being a strong, powerful, and bossy woman. You can build an empire, you can inspire, trend on twitter, be in charge of everyone. But without a support staff, someone to take your concerns to or share your joys with you will loose steam quickly. You have to rely on others to truly reach success.

The strength of my communities is multifaceted. And that’s it’s greatest strength. I rely on my husband to love and support me no matter what. I rely on Wendy, JessicaMegan , and Hatton to help me work through my blogging questions and issues. I need friends like Terri, Lisa, Amy, and April to make me cut loose and relax sometimes too.

Community is the foundation to build on as you move forward. And my strong foundation makes all the difference.