Day 18 Power of She | What Are These Girl Toys?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links. | In The Next 30 DaysI spent some time looking at girl toys the other day. Can we talk about what I found?  Please? | In The Next 30 DaysI was only looking for something to pad Julia’s Easter basket with. Jason had picked up a construction tool set for Maxwell already, and I needed something for Julia. I picked through the girl toys carefully, circled through the aisles with boy toys just in case, and then circled back with some ideas.

Julia would argue that she’s ready for Barbies. I argue that at almost 5, she’s not quite ready for that full-on assault of high heels and boobs. And I stopped and almost picked up some crafting kits for her, but right now, our crafting bins are pretty flush. I like the psudo American Girl dolls that Target carries, but Noni has big plans that involve her granddaughters and the American Girl store is some major city. So I didn’t want to step on toes there.

And that’s when I found Moxie Girlz. They are about Barbie’s height, but with slightly more normal proportions. They look younger, like Barbie’s younger cousins. And I liked that a lot of them came with raincoats you could color, cool accessories like skis or swim fins (and feet to go with those fins), and the box will tell you about the confidence that these girls show is what’s important.

Confidence in a pretty package. Okay. It’s not that I want Julia to weight all of her confidence on her outward appearance, but okay.

I started to add two dolls to my cart. Sophina had han umbrella and boots, and we know my girl like to splash in puddles. And then I picked up Avery, who was walking her cute koala dog. Perfect, right?

When I looked closer, and I read the packaging, I found out that Avery’s koala actually poops jewels. Like you push its back, and small, shiny, red, jewels come out the animals back side. I wish I were joking. “What’s the scoop? Magic Poop!” says the video on Amazon.” Yep. Magic Poop.

I couldn’t quite believe it, so I pointed it out to another mother in the aisle. She was shopping with her 8 year old. “Oh, yeah, we like Moxie Girlz.”

“But did you see that the dog poops?” I asked her. “Poops jewels?”

Her face said it all. Her eyebrows went up and her bottom jaw dropped. I knew I wasn’t alone in my shock.

Why? That’s my first question. Why is this necessary? Do girls really want their toys to poop? And does the fact that jewels are involved make it any better?

I should say that I’m all for new and exciting toys. And I fully support cross-gendered toys. Julia would be building with Legos, even if they didn’t come in pink with flowers. I wondered if this was Moxie Girlz trying to make their toys more boy friendly. The preschool boys I’ve met think potty humor is very funny, so maybe.

But I’m also the Mom who hasn’t told Julia that her Baby Alive will actually pee when you feed her liquid and the squeeze her tummy. Julia loves the doll just the same, so the extra “feature” doesn’t seem necessary. And quite honestly, I have enough to clean up with out dolls over flowing diapers and play potties.

Is it not enough to have a pet to walk? Cute clothes? Sneakers? Do we have to highlight body functions and toilet happenings to sell toys? Does a toy’s ability to poop make it more fun? And do kids really want toys like this?

I didn’t buy Avery and her pooping koala. And I put Sophina back on the shelf too. As my friend Jess says, “I draw the line at pooping baby dolls.” 

But I want to hear your thoughts and ideas on this? Am I being prudish? Would you buy Avery and her koala for your child? Let’s talk about this, because I’m having trouble making sense of it at all.