One Word 2015 | Downloadable iPhone Wall Paper Reminders

What is your One Word for 2015? Check out these free downloadable walll paper for your iPhone to remind you of your goals and One Word. | In The Next 30 Days Do you have One Word for 2015? Do you have that single, amazing word that represents your year’s goals, aspirations, dreams?

Last year I chose the word Passion, and while I fell short of passionate in some areas of my life, the word was a powerful driving force for me all year long. I love the One Word concept because of the positive guidelines it sets forward without being super strict, like resolutions sometimes can be. It’s applicable across the board. It’s strength is in its simplicity.

This year, I’m rocking the word BOLD (the caps are important). If I’m BOLD then I’m strong, focused, intentional, and prepared. I’m excited about feeling and being BOLD, and increasingly bolder as the year goes on.

With all of my BOLD intentions, here’s what I also know: I sometimes will get distracted, and I need reminders of things that will help pull me through. So I designed a wallpaper for my iPhone that is sparkly, fun, and clearly reads the word BOLD. And then I made one for Jess from Chaos and Love with her One Word: Fierce. And then I decided that this was all too way good not to share with everyone.

So here’s for you. Find your one word in the gallery, click the graphic and the use Save As to save the photo to your iPhone. Set it as your lock screen, your wallpaper, your Facebook profile pic. Where ever you need reminding of your goals for 2015.

Your One Word 2015

Don’t see your word? Leave me a comment, and I’ll do what I can do make everyone their own custom word.

And be sure to check back and let me know how your 2015 is going and how you’re living up to all your amazingness!