30 Day Challenges Day 10 | Let Passion Drive

Let Passion Drive in your #30Days Challenges and in life. I am | In The Next 30 Days

Sometimes in my yoga class I’m able to step out of how hot it really is in that room and the sweat that’s dripping in my eyes, the burn in my legs, and that the person next to me has an amazing chaturanga. And sometimes my mind floats to something else entirely. (And just so you know, my plan for the month tells me that I should be writing about researching and studying in your 30 Day goals. And yeah, that’s important, but this feels so much more vital right now for you and for me, so here I am.) 

Near the start of each class, we stand at the top of our mats. Feet together. Eyes closed. Hands in prayer at heart center. “Set your intention for your practice,” the teacher says. And usually this is when I promise myself that I will give all that I have, or that I will be forgiving when I’m less than graceful.

I started with those thoughts the other night when a single word fell over me.


My eyes opened. I stopped mid breath. And I smiled.

The word felt as comfortable to me as my bed after a long day. Like it wanted to hug me close and never let go. And as I worked through my flow, as I stretched, pushed, and twisted, I kept coming back to it. Passion.

“How you show up on your mat is how you will show up in life.” The teachers at my studio always say something like this, usually in half moon pose when I’m close to toppling over, when I’m ready to be done. But in the other night in class I brought passion. All of my passion.

And with it came energy, acceptance, strength, fun, love, faith, balance, amazing. With passion came a new outlook on my practice. I felt invested in a way that had been missing from my yoga. And the end of my 75 minutes, I felt successful deep down. Something had shifted.

I sat on my mat a moment after shavasana and after the lights came on. I reveled in my moment of glory while mats around me were wiped down and rolled up. Passion made that feeling of joy possible.

Passion is the key. It was so obvious and so simple, and maybe that’s why I hadn’t seen it before. I should approach my life with the same passion that I put into my Wednesday night yoga. I have to let the passion drive. With it as my first approach, I can make my time more effective, my life more rewarding, my relationships more intimate and golden. It’s not even a matter of physical passion, it’s passion of dedication and love. It’s the kind of passion that tingles in your belly and your hair stand on end. Its the overflow of thoughts and ideas and words that fly from my pen.

If I can live inside my passion, then my challenges will be more intense, yes, but they will also become more pleasurable, more rewarding, and more successful.

Passion can lead to more. For me, and also for you as you start on your own 30 Days.

I’ve decided that my word of the year is Passion. I’m going to approach 2014 with passion in everything I do. Let it drive me. Passion toward my actions, my hobbies, jobs, family, friends. Passion toward what I love to do and also what I dread to do. Passion in action, thought, and deed. And I will see where the year takes me, but I’m so excited about the possibilities I can hardly sit still. Yoga, anyone?

Do you pick a word at the beginning of the year? What word have you chosen for 2014?


  1. kathy says

    my word is “bold” as i promise to not just let this year pass me by. i will live it in a bold manner, milking it for all it is worth. i’ve told everyone i meet, “i will be bold this year”… in all i do in how i am. so… that’s MY word.


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