Different Outfit Everyday Day 1

A Different Outfit Everyday

I love getting suggestions for challenges, and I owe this one to Jessica from Chaos and Love. Let me set the scene: I walked into Bloggy Bootcamp in April so far out of my comfort zone that I could barely remember what my blog was about. But Jessica was one of the first people I met. She was excited by my 30 Days of Love Letters, and I was impressed by her awesome blog and her willingness to be my friend. When she wore the most amazing yellow cardigan (yellow!) on day 2, I knew it was meant to be. When she suggested a 30 Days devoted to wearing a different outfit every day, I was intrigued.

I’m a yoga pants or blue jeans kind of girl. In the summer I wear dresses or skirts because it’s hot out. I am not so good about thinking about style or fashion. Function typically wins: I can chase the kids in these shoes. I can lean over to help my little one after the potty without this shirt gaping open. Ooo, these pants are comfortable. But it also means, that I have lots of clothes that I don’t wear so much.

For these 30 Days, I will wear a new outfit every day, flexing my closet muscles, trying something new, defining my own style. I feel like some rules are necessary though. I’m not rushing out to buy new clothes, I’m going with what’s in my closet. And I will be rewearing portions of outfits. Shorts, jeans, skirts, sweaters, etc. can all be reworn. But each time I rewear, I will have to work hard to make it new. So if I repeat a dress, then I’ll have to snazzy it up with different shoes, a hat, awesome jewelry.

Just like at Bloggy Boot Camp, I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone. But I hope to discover some new outfits and something awesome about my closet and myself. I’ll post daily updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So please come play along!

What are you up to for these 30 Days?

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  1. says

    If only you were doing this next month. That’s when my school starts and I would so be able to join in with you. As it is, I don’t have anything to do. No point in wearing anything but Pjays if I have no where to go.
    Cody Doll recently posted..Debut-a-Thon: Goals and UpdatesMy Profile

      • says

        So BIG thanks to Nicole and to you for the inspiration. I totally need this push to break through my solid top, solid bottom, flip flop rut. I mean, how boring can I get, right?

    • says

      You’re right, Nicole. It’s all about how you feel in the clothes you have on. I just wrote that on a post it for my closet door. Thanks for the getting-dressed inspiration!

  2. kathy says

    whoa, baby… can’t wait to see this blog unfold!! don’t forget to be outrageous once in awhile!


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