The Days No. 7

The Days

I wore a lot of dresses this week. That’s pretty typical of me, but I did dress them up to make them a little more exciting. I like these changes, especially day 13. Day 7 It’s a tank and jeans kind of #Sunday. Don’t you think?  | Day 8 Julia used all her outrageous to pick my shoes today. The dress and belt are super cute together. #whatiwore  | Day 9 How do we feel about this high-low skirt trend? Julia picked this skirt/shirt combo.  |  Day 10 Trying a shirt tied over my #maxidress today. I like it. Plus any dress with pockets is awesome! The evening of Day 10 I went out with the kids and some friends. I threw on my cowboy hat last minute and love the effect.  |  Day 11 Red cropped pants and a navy knit tank. Surprising myself over here!  | Day 12 Each day I feel a little more qualified to dress myself. #jeanskindofday  | Day 13 You guys! I wish I had somewhere to go tonight. A belt makes all the difference with this dress!

Also, don’t forget my Escape Monthly giveaway that ends tomorrow night. You know you need to escape. What are you up to this weekend?


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