Love Letters Day 1

30 Days of Love Letters

Happy new 30 Days! I’m pretty excited about this challenge.

Here’s the back story. A couple of weeks ago, Greatist posted their list of the 50 Most Innovative Health, Fitness, and Happiness Startups. It’s a killer list with some amazing resources for to be your healthiest and greatist. I was reading the list, and when I hit No. 40, MoreLoveLetters, my heart jumped with joy. This company is all about love and spreading love to people who need it in the form of hand-written letters. Letters can be specially requested and sent to the MLL headquarters or they can be left in public places to be picked up by the people who need them most. And we’re not talking mushy-gushy lovey letters that you’d send on Valentine’s Day. We’re talking letters that are truly encouraging, totally heartfelt, and creatively written.

Did I mention I’m excited about these 30 Days? I mean, this is so my kind of personal challenge because I am going to write a love letter every day, either to the people on the MLL web site or to the unknown people in my life to say thank you, to really celebrate the love in my heart and the world, and to cheer for those who need it most. This challenge feels like a continuation of my Random Acts of Kindness and Be Positive challenges, and we all need a little more love in our world.

Would you like to join me? If you want to write letters with me, that would be great, but remember you’re welcome to work on any 30 Days that makes your heart beat faster. Do what you love, and share how you’re challenging yourself.

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