Different Outfit Day 5 | BlogHer and Other Reasons to Think About My Clothes, A Lot

BlogHer 2013

I try to fit these challenges into my life. I figure there’s a great chance of success if I do 30-day challenges that match my calendar for the month. Last year’s Backyard Makeover was planned around when my husband could lend his muscle. My Body and Mind Cleanse was planned for January because it’s the perfect time for new starts. It’s just good planning, right? This month is the perfect example too because I’m going to BlogHer at the end of this month.

BlogHer is a monster annual conference for women who blog. Last year there were 5,000 bloggers there and President Obama spoke. This year, it’s in Chicago, and I will be speaking. And while it’s not quite the same, BlogHer will always be an opportunity for women who share similar passions to connect, meet in real life, and support each other. That is an amazing thing.

So I’m the member of several FaceBook pages, and I follow #BlogHer13 on Twitter, and the common theme of this year’s pre-conference stress is what to wear. You see, BlogHer is also an opportunity to meet with brands and connect with business that might want to support or advertise on your site. So first impressions are important. But so is comfort since I’m told there will be a lot of walking and sitting and parties.

This month, as I work on my day-to-day outfits, I’m also thinking forward to my BlogHer outfits too. I need something perfect for my role as panel moderator for Thursday’s HealthMinder Day. I need broken in, but cute shoes for Friday and Saturday’s conference. I need cute party attire that will work at several different parties. The most important thing is that I want my BlogHer clothes to represent this site and me, and flip flops aren’t exactly going to cut it.

I know this is all cliche, and it has been discussed to the point of vomit. So I won’t bore you with what I’m packing in my suitcase. But I am excited for the conference and to see some friends, and to take all that I learn leading up to the conference to rock my refreshed style in Chicago.

Will you be at BlogHer? What’s your go-to professional wardrobe?

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