Different Outfit Day 15 | Accessories 101

Accessories 101

My grandmother never pierced her ears. Never ever. But I remember her carefully picking screw-back earrings to match her every outfit and other jewelry. Gran was aware of the impact the right accessories can make. And her looks were always completed with the right jewelry. The perfect handbag. The exact right shoes. Oh the shoes.

Fast forward into my adulthood, and I don’t have my Gran’s skill at selecting accessories. I rely on my standbys: my wedding and engagement rings, a small black diamond necklace, hoop earrings. I do have some lovely pieces, like this turquoise ring. Beautiful, right? It was Gran’s. But sometimes, in pieces like this I feel like it’s too much or that I’m doing it all wrong.

So here is Accessories 101. Read on for some good advice on what to do.

  • Think of your outfit as the foundation. Your accessories should match. Are you wearing neutrals, black, or white? Then consider bright, bold, and colorful accessories. If your clothes are already colorful, then accessories should match and be the same level of brightness. (SheKnows)
  • Be conscious of size. A large statement necklace might look amazing on a larger woman, but if you’re petite the necklace could overpower you and your other style choices. Consider the size of jewelry, scarves, and bags so that your add ons don’t take over your outfit. (All About You)
  • Basic outfits leave more room for accessory freedom. The best outfits are about balance. So if you’re clothes are simple and basic, then you have more freedom with your accessories. Think fun shoes with a simple t-shirt and jeans. But the reverse is true too. Don’t add too many accessories on top of an already bold outfit (College Fashion)
  • Consider the occasion too. Accessories can make any outfit more dressy or more casual. Know that accessories are powerful tools. Try adding some sparkly earrings or necklaces to dress up an outfit. Or maybe some fabric-wrapped bracelets will make a little black dress more casual friendly. (A Brilliant Brunette)
  • When it comes to matching, it’s either all or none. Match your bag and shoes and belt and scarf completely. Or don’t match any of them and make that your fashion statement. (You Look Fab)

I see a common thread in all this. Accessories are an expression of your style and clothes. Minimialist? One or two add ons might be enough. Like flashy and bold? Go with that by adding more and more. Use the accessories to further the declaration about who you are.

This week, I’ll be trying to focus on my accessories too and how they change the outfit. I’ve been rocking a belt lately, which I really like. But I’m feeling a little more ready to try out scarves, and bags, and jewelry.

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What’s your favorite accessory?


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