Love Letters Day 30 | Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Writing Love Letters

This is my stationery box. It’s filled with cards for birthdays, house warmings, new babies, anniversaries, thank yous, just becauses, and any other occasion that calls for a card. It’s been open pretty much all month long, and I’ve searched through to find the perfect cards to give to random anyones who pick up my love letters I set free. It’s been a great reintroduction to some cards that I’d forgotten I had (like those Wonder Woman postcards. Awesome.)

Here are some other things I’ve come to learn this month.

  • There’s no wrong place to leave a love letter. You might think that love letters have to be placed in romantic locations, but really they can go anywhere. And even more, sometimes, the less loved places are the very best spots to drop letters. Check out my Instagram feed for lots of places that I’ve left letters this month, and follow me to keep up with where I might leave future letters.
  • You can get personal in a love letter to a stranger. While what I wrote might not have been the most secret-revealing something, my words are personal because of who they reach and because of the love they hold.
  • I need love letters too. And I know now they might not be written with pen and paper. Showing myself love is as important as showing love to my family and strangers.
  • The more customized the letter the better. Sharpies, crayons, collage, embroidery. Anything goes. These are unique, hand-written letters. The paper they are on should be just as cared for and thought out.
  • Always carry love letter supplies. You never know when you might want or need to write a love letter. Inspiration strikes most anywhere. I have started carrying stationery and mustache Duck Tape in my purse. You know, just in case.

I will be reaching into my stationery box to write more love letters to strangers. I find I’m kind of addicted to sharing such positive vibes. And like my 30 Days of Random Kindness  or my 30 Days to Be Positive, I find that I want maintain the elation and happy vibes. It feels good to do something for someone I don’t know. I’m not out for recognition, but I’m after the happiness these letters bring me. So yes, there will be more letters, and when there are, I’ll share them with you.