Getting to Know Me | Day 1

Get to Know Me | In The Next 30 Days

Tonight, I was driving over the Cooper River Bridge coming home from yoga. I had my iPhone plugged in, and the music was on. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I was listening to ABBA. I love them, and yes, I sing a long. I moved from “Dancing Queen” quickly to “Take a Chance on Me.” And then “Knowing Me, Knowing You.” And that made me think of you.

This blog is never far from my mind. And lately I’ve been thinking that it’s lacking some personal aspects from me. Yes, I know I designed it, and I take the photos, and then I write about my adventures, but do you really know who I am? Do you know that my favorite color is yellow, or that I crave mint chocolate chip ice cream? Did you know that I’m the middle child, and I went to a Catholic high school?

But it’s more than that, because I know you’re here each day and you’re reading about my adventures. And I so, so love when you comment and participate. But I want to get to know you better too. What’s your favorite color? Where did you go to high school? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

So for these 30 Days, I’m going to be sharing all about me and trying to find out more about you. It’s a challenge of the most personal level, and it’s really exciting for me. But even more than learning about each other, by sharing, I always always learn about myself. So I want to grow and learn about me too, and this is a great opportunity for both of us.  Want to play along?

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