Find Creativity | Day 1

Find Creativity | In The Next 30 Days

My friend Lisa is pretty awesome. In December, she organized the very first night of Craft Club: think book club with glue guns and paintbrushes. She invited some of her friends (including me) and over wine, tomato bisque, and grilled cheese, and we painted oyster shells to look like Santa Claus and angles. There was laughing, sharing, and lots of smiling. And I left with two pretty cool Christmas ornaments and this reminder that I love creating, crafting, making. All of it. I just love being creative.

And here’s what else I was reminded of: in my life, I’ve pushed my creativity to the side. Yes, I write here, but I don’t know that all my blog posts could be called creative writing. And yes I take some pretty cool photographs, and I love that process, but it’s super easy to get caught up in the end result and make it feel like a chore. But I love the feeling that I have when I am successfully creative. I love what I create, what I can do, how I feel so totally capable. With small children, you’d think that creativity would be top priority. But somehow my fiction writing, my creating, and even my thinking outside the box is trumped by them. I’m good playing princess or trains, but I want to be creative in my own pursuits as well.

So for these 30 Days, I am going to work to find and spark my creativity. I am looking for new ways to tap into my creativity, to express myself, and to make. I plan to write, paint, build, dance, think, dream. If it’s creative, I’m all over it during these 30 Days. I’m excited to share what I dream up with you.

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