Lessons Learned: Random Acts of Kindness

I have loved these 30 Days of kindness. It’s a beautiful thing to go to sleep at night knowing that I’ve helped in some way, that things are just a little better in the world around me. And I’ve learned a lot about myself and I feel as if my outlook has changed a bit. It is in fact brighter because I’m seeing more of the good–that I can do or that anyone can do–to make the world better.

  • I mentioned it here, but there really are opportunities for kindness everywhere. All it takes is a willingness to do good and positive things.
  • When I am focused on doing good things, I feel better. Random acts of kindness are their own kind of mood-enhancing drug, without the risks. Plus, my outward good acts do sometimes have a positive affects for me, like purchasing my CSA or lighting a candle.
  • Doing good doesn’t have to be monumental. The smallest acts that I’m able to do, like holding a fussy baby or putting out flowers for my mother, make a difference. And even if I wasn’t able to volunteer in a soup kitchen, my 30 Days of kindness still make positive impact.

My kindness will continue; I’m sure of it. Will you join me?