Find Creativity Day 13 | Motivational

You can't use up creativity

This is the beautiful thing about creativity, right? You will never run out.

That’s so amazing I’m going to say it again. You will never, ever run out of creativity. And what’s even more beautiful is that if you use it, then you will find you have more of it. It’s like creativity breeds through mitosis, so that one cell of inspiration can divide into two. And two can become four. (No. You don’t need your high school biology textbook, just take my word for it.)

I think this all goes back to the idea of routine and habit. Right? Establishing a routine that supports your creative practices will mean you feel more urges and inspiration will strike more often. And that means that Maya Angelou was exactly right when she said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

I just love Maya Angelou.


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      Yes! It’s a use it or loose it thing. And like working out, it’s also much easier said than done. Good luck with your novel!

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