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Gluten-free advice from The Gluten-free Bible

I’ve started rereading The Gluten-Free Bible by Jax Peters Lowell (affiliate link). It is what it says it is, really. The ultimate reference book for gluten free advice. And for someone without much knowledge or experience in a world without wheat, I need all the help I can get. I will say that the book is written from those living with Ceiliac Disease. Their wheat issues are much more serious than my intolerance, but the diet and restrictions are similar. So I’ve compiled some advice from The Gluten-Free Bible in case you’re feeling lost on your wheat-free journey.

“Live by the Boy Scout motto–Be Prepared!” I’ve been at it for a week, and I can already see the importance of being ready for anything. Being prepared means having viable gluten-free alternatives at the ready. It means being mentally ready where there is a mountain of birthday cake on the table in front of you. It means not depriving yourself healthy-for-you alternatives no matter where you are. That’s so important to any diet’s success.

“Look for gluten in unexpected places.” Processed foods are brimming with gluten because of its bad-ass ability to thicken sauces and bind ingredients together. So gluten shows up in random places. (Ice cream!) And just because the ingredient list doesn’t list wheat or gluten, doesn’t mean it’s not there. As always, I’m better off replacing processed foods with whole, natural foods where I can easily dissect the ingredient list. (And I know I will be making this ice cream sooner rather than later.)

“My advice is to stop trying to pass yourself off as normal. To be accurate as well as politically correct, you are ‘nutritionally challenged.’ [Ha!] The sooner you digest this important distinction, the sooner you can stop seeing your diet as an obstacle to pleasure and start approaching it in a way that allows for maximum possibility.” Right? Quit trying to find excuses already. Just let go, and accept that wheat is an issue to be dealt with. It’s not a death sentence.

“Special diets create special challenges. They force us to be creative, inventive, ingenious, canny and clever, to think outside the box, to go ‘against the grain.’ . . .  Living gluten free is a state of mind.” I kind of love this. I consider myself a creative person, right? So why not get a little more creative with the things I put in my mouth.

I’m still reading  The Gluten-Free Bible. I will likely be reading for all of these 30 Days. If you’re looking for some gluten-free advice, resources, or commiseration, then this is a must-read.



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