Gluten Free Day 31 | Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned during my 30 Days to be Gluten Free

I will be honest. It’s been a long 30 Days. I have been struggling with cravings for something wheat filled and delicious. And I didn’t make it through Julia’s fourth birthday (here are pictures from last year’s birthday party, just because) this week without a cupcake. But I have come a long long way, and while my diet isn’t perfect I am well on my way toward being gluten free. Here are some Lessons Learned.

  • Gluten free is a progression. This isn’t anything that I am able to master in 30 Days. It will take a while until I’m able to know what is or isn’t wheat free, which gluten free products actually taste good, how to balance my diet in order to give myself enough energy to make it through my day, how to conquer temptation. I will say that I have made big steps, but there is more to learn.
  • And education is one key to gluten free success. I’ve read my Gluten Free Bible, but I also have a pile of other books on my hold list at the library. I need to keep reading so that I can continue to learn what exactly it means to be gluten free.
  • Preparation is the other key. When I go to the grocery store, when I have a plan of what to eat, then I can stay on track, then I can be more successful. Planning, like education, takes time and I’m working on those planning habits, right now.
  • I have to learn to just let go. I think about the cupcake I ate in celebration of Julia and her birthday, and then I try to remind myself to just let go. Let go of what I expected, let go of what I wanted, let go of how I thought I would eat. It’s when I let go of all those wheat-filled expectations that I can finally get healthy.
  • Gluten free doesn’t have to taste bad. And there totally are ways to eat my favorites and still maintain a gluten free lifestyle. Pancakes, anyone? And these baked Parmesan and Rosemary Crisps are good too.

And so my journey to be wheat free continues. And all I can do is focus on where I’m going. I have my eye on healthy, and these lessons learned are  another couple of steps closer.

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So tell me, what did you learn this month?



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