Be Positive Day 30 | Lessons I Learned

What I Learned Being Positive | In The Next 30 Days

I’m always a little surprised when the 30th Day of the month rolls around. It’s so cliche, but it does go by quickly. These 30 Days to Be Positive have been busy, not with physical activities but with Life Pulp and thinking and exploring inside me. It makes for a different kind of challenge, to be sure, but I have made some positive changes in the way I think, act, and feel. I have learned a lot, especially about myself and how easily I get sucked into a negative mind set and how detrimental to my health it can be–both mentally and physically.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned this month.

  • Positivity is a Choice. I could sit around and wait for positivity to happen to me, but I would wait and wait and wait and nothing would happen. Having a positive frame of mind is a choice I have to make. I choose to  be happy and keep my mind open. I choose to think the best of people, not to judge, and to believe that everything is possible. This choice to put on my rose-colored glasses is the first step to a positive mind set and all the opportunity that offers.
  • Small Things Matter. It could be eye-contact, saying please, touching someone’s shoulder, writing down daily Inspirations in a journal, taking a deep breath, recognizing my blessings, listening. It could be anything. But these small moments with a positive frame of reference make all the difference, both inside and outside of me.
  • Great Dividends Come When I Invest in Myself. I know that this sounds like common sense, but I have trouble prioritizing myself. These 30 Days have taught me that I have to take time for myself. My sanity, health, effectiveness, productivity, positivity, and strength all rely on it. I am carving out more time for myself these days, and I will continue to do so.
  • Positivity is Physical and Mental. My mind set shifted in a good direction, and my physical self followed. It’s a good feeling to want to work out and to want to be physical. There is a strong mental/physical connection, and I’ve found the key.
  • Love is the New Hate. It might be simple, and it might be street graffiti, but if I replace hate with love in my life only beautiful and amazing things can come from it.

Here’s the bottom line. I started reading 10 Life Pulp Inspirations each day. And by making such a simple change in my schedule, I’ve improved my outlook, patience, strength, efficiency, and health. These 30 Days have established habits and feelings that I know I work to maintain well after September is over.


These are fitting closing words from Life Pulp Founder and CEO Roman Price.

“Life has a simple formula. The sum of all your choices is equal to the outcome.” –Roman Price