The Days No. 10

The Days No 10 Out Of Town
I find myself out of town, which is the reason why my blogging posts are few and far between. I’ve missed you, and I’ll be back to my regular schedule next week. In the meantime, know that my 30 Days of meditation are still going strong. I find that I’m developing something of a meditation style, the way I sit, the breaths I take, where I like to be. I’m always surprised and glad when something like that happens. |  Day 9 This is me realizing what time it is and choosing sleep over my 15 minutes. #noexcuses #tomorrowisanewday  |  Day 10 A beautiful spot for my #meditation practice. #ohm  | Day 11 “I am love. I am eternal. I am spirit.” Thank you @deepakchopra and @oprah  | Day 12 These patterns and repetition are very calming. #shadowplay  |  Day 13 What a difference 15 minutes and a #bubblebath makes.  |  Day 14 This morning was a walking #meditation along a courtyard #labyrinth.  | Day 15 My #meditation goes so much smoother when I step outside, putting space between me and my #distractions. #sobeautiful
I’m working on a post about my labyrinth walk from Day 14. But if you want to see a little of the what my steps looked like here is the Instagram video.



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