Be Outside Day 11 | Puddle Wonderful


Puddle jumping is one of those rights of passage for kids. Don’t you think? It’s like braces, only fun. Like building sandcastles or trying to swing up and over the bar. And with all the rain we’ve had lately, standing water is the norm around here. My kids look for them when we drive through the neighborhood. “There’s one!” they shout. “There’s a big one in Mr. Steve’s driveway, Mom.”

In other months, I might’ve steered my kids toward dryer, more indoor type activities. But this month, we’re pulling on our rubber rain boots and jackets, and we aren’t afraid to get a little wet. So Mr. Steve and his wet driveway better watch out.

Puddle-Jumping 4
Puddle-Jumping 5

Tell me. When was the last time you went for a walk in the rain?