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21-Day-Sugar-Detox-Book-Cover This is obviously not my image. It’s the book cover for the 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo,
nutritionist, author, and all-around no-sugar bad ass. I found the image on Amazon, but it really
belongs to Diane.

The question I’ve been asked the most this month is this: “How is it possible to not eat sugar? Sugar is in everything.”

It so is. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. But my answer is the The 21 Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally. I’m not joking, but I wouldn’t have made it a day into my own sugar detox without this guide.

You see, when I told you I need some strict rules, I meant it. I need someone to tell me what I can and can’t do. I need it clearly spelled out with black and white, and bonus points if you can tell me why. Diane Sanfilippo’s guide did just that. It’s no nonsense, and it’s clear why sugars are bad, and why they make me feel crappy.

You see, it’s all about blood sugar and eating the right combination of foods that maintain a healthy levels. This helps with weight loss, having a clear head, focus, swelling and bloat, body temperature, hunger, and more. A sugar detox is an opportunity to reset all those levels, and to start again with a better, cleaner, more sugar-neutral approach. That is a beautiful thing.

Twenty-one days ago when I started my sugar fast, I downloaded e-books for The 21 Day Sugar Detox from Balanced Bites, Sanfilippo’s web site. (Thanks to Jess from Chaos and Love for pointing me in that direction.) But there’s a book, a real hard copy book, coming out on October 29. And a cookbook, The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes for Any Program Level, coming out December 17. So if you’re thinking of doing a sugar detox, and I know who you are, you’re welcome.

So here I am on Day 21 of 21 Days, and what’s next?

I don’t miss the sweets like I thought I would or like I once did. And while I do miss fruit, I am going to stick with this no-sugar plan through October 31. I said I would, and I will. But more than my commitment to this 30 Day format, I know that I feel better. I sleep better. I can focus again. My clothes fit better. And it gets a little easier every day.

(I have not been paid by The 21 Day Sugar Detox people or Sanfilippo herself. I just think this is an amazing program you should totally try. And yes, when you click a link in this post that takes you to Amazon, and you buy the book, I make a couple of pennies. I promise to use that money for my ever-growing vegetable habit.)

Have you ever tried a sugar detox? Do you think that you will?

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