No Sugar Day 14 | My Sugar-Filled Confession


Lisa is one of those beautiful people. She dances and laughs and smiles, and you have to dance, laugh, and smile with her. I’ve known her 16 years and we’ve seen each other through a lot. A whole lot. And she got married on Saturday. The wedding was beautiful and perfectly Lisa. I wish you could’ve been there to see it. Sunlight streaming. Ancient oak tree canopy. Sparkling lights through the branches. Good music. Cowboy boots. Many happy tears. My favorite people.

And here’s my confession: I had a drink. A vodka drink mixed with cranberry and orange juice. The fruit juice and alcohol are both off limits in the 21 Day Sugar Detox that I’m following. And I drank it as Lisa gave a sweet toast about love and being loved. And I raised my glass to my sweet friend and her new husband. I enjoyed it. I won’t lie to you. And I don’t feel guilty.

I am human. Despite being able to avoid eating the chocolate cherry fudge cake I took to share, and despite being so good watching my sugar up to this point, I broke my no-sugar pact. It’s rare that I have an occasion like Saturday night’s, rare that one of my best friends has such a beautiful reason to celebrate. I’m a firm believer that celebrations should be the very best part of life.

Did I have to have a drink. Nope. Not at all.

But am I glad I was able to share that special moment with dear friends? Yes.

Here’s what I wasn’t so glad about. By the end of the night, it was clear that the sugar (and maybe the vodka) had gone straight to my head. I had an unexpected headache. My belly hurt. I was so so tried Sunday morning, and my body hurt. I felt hungover and miserable. I can only blame the sugar. Right? The way I felt was proof of all the bad that sugar does to my body. It was proof of all the nastiness, all the gross ways my body reacts when I eat sugar, only intensified, made stronger by the lack of sugar in my body leading up to Saturday.

The feeling was a good reminder and motivator.

I’m sugar free again, and I spent Sunday day re-hydrating and refilling on the good stuff. And now I’m reenergized and ready to tackle the last 17 days of October. Bring on the whole foods. Please.

Congrats, Lisa. I wish you and Sam every happiness the world has to offer.


    • says

      Aww. Jackie! You just made my day. That’s why I share what I do and why I do what I do. Thank you, and I know you’ll feel better with less sugar in your system. Good luck!

  1. Lisa Vandiver says

    You are the VERY sweetest! So glad that you were able to celebrate with us … but I’m sorry your head hurt the next day :) I think my body is still recovering! I love you so very much! xo

  2. Mary says

    Too much sugar makes me irritable. The morning after is not pretty. Halloween can be a difficult time for all involved.


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