Power of She | Day 1

For these #30days I'm exploring the Power of She, the power that we, as women posses that make us strong, unique, fearless. #girlpower | In The Next 30 Days
You’ve heard that things happen in threes, right? It’s as true in fiction as it is in real life. Several things have happened to me, or in front of me lately that were so threaded together I’d never be able to un knot them.

First, and seemingly overnight, Julia has grown up into this girl. Not a baby girl, and not even a child girl because in her face and her eyes, I can see her as the woman she will be. I can see the amazing that she has building. And that both excites and frightens me. Second, one of my original essays was selected to be read at the very first Charleston production of Listen To Your Mother, and the entire cast and crew are the perfect kind of strong people that I just want to soak in. And third, LeanIn.org launched their Ban Bossy campaign, and the idea of it, that the word Bossy is somehow a naughty word, makes my stomach flip.

So here I am at the start of a brand new 30 Days, holding this tangle of happenings and what do I do? I have to listen to the universe, and dedicate my 30 Days to the Power of She.

And I’m not talking about the Mom powers that mean we juggle everything and have the ability to kiss away boo boos and find lost cowboy boots. (But that maybe should be an Olympic sport.) I’m talking about being empowered, digging deep and finding our wellspring of strength. I’m referring to building up other women and providing a foundation of support for our friends’ successes. Maybe, most importantly, I’m referring to set examples of love, respect, confidence, and power for our daughters and nieces and sons and nephews (because they’re a part of this too) to grow into.

I’m dedicating these 30 Days to all the strong Shes that I know. All the ladies who aren’t afraid to be bold and who shine brighter than bright. I want to celebrate you this month and learn how to cultivate a little of your power within me. And how to ensure my Julia grows up to share your characteristics in her own beautiful way.

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