Holiday Preparation Day 30 | Lessons Learned

Holiday Lessons Learned | In The Next 30 Days

30 Days flies by when you’re focused on a goal. Have you tried your own 30 Day challenge? But when your goal has its own time sensitivities, then it’s like the 30 Days are gone at warp speed. Where did November go? But just because it went by so quickly doesn’t mean there weren’t lessons to be learned. Here’s some of what I’m taking with me.

  • You can’t really be ready. As much as you prepare and work ahead and plan and make lists, you won’t be perfectly ready. But you can be more prepared for holidays and family gatherings. And this increased preparation means less stress, which is a beautiful thing.
  • Holidays don’t have to be stress filled for stress fueled. There was a moment over Thanksgiving that I felt myself grumbling and growling, and my neck and shoulder muscles were tighter than tight. I stopped. Took a moment for myself and a deep breath. After that, the holiday, my family, everything was much more enjoyable.
  • Holiday’s don’t have to be perfect. Really, they don’t. Recipes might not come out. Plans might fall though. Perfect gifts aren’t so perfect. (And I know one night I will forget to move him.) But these days are about the spirit and the love and the light, not perfection. And so it’s okay.
  • Don’t let the holidays take over your life. This month, I started placing some emphasis back on me and my passions. I stared focusing a little more on my photography and posting it just once a week, and my mood is lighter. I look forward to picking up my camera and editing in Photoshop. This has put the holidays in perspective, which is important.

It doesn’t matter what you celebrate, but that you celebrate your blessings and gifts. No, my tree isn’t up and the lights are still in the attic. But my mind feels ready for Christmas even if my house isn’t. And maybe it’s because I don’t have guests scheduled and only one holiday party on my calendar, but maybe, just maybe it’s because I’ve been focused on the holidays for the last 30 Days, and now I feel prepared to enjoy myself.


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    It’s all in the attitude. This time of year I really try to focus on just breathing and relaxing through all the hoopla. I give myself a “time out” if things are getting too sticky – all I need is a quiet moment alone and I am ready to rejoin the festivities or tackle whatever project I’m attempting. Loved all your tips and wisdom this month though, can’t wait to see what December has in store!!

    Strive to Thrive,
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      You’re SO right, Nic. Like so many things, attitude is everything. And knowing when you need a break, like you describe, so so important. Thanks for reading and playing along this month. . . . Next month: SLEEP! (No, really, it’ll be all about sleeping enough.)

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