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There are two ways of spreading light | In The Next 30 days

There are so many reasons and ways to celebrate this time of year. Do you ever think about it? Diwali started yesterday. It’s the Hindu festival of lights that celebrates good conquering evil and personal inner strength and joy shining through. But it’s not the only celebration that uses light or candles or fire to celebrate. Think about it. Christians have Advent calendars, menorahs are lit for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa lights seven candles over the course of the celebration, and those are just some of the major celebrations.

It’s easy to understand why candles, fire, lights are all so important to winter celebrations. The days are short this time of year, aren’t they? It seems like the night falls so quickly despite all there is to do. But I thought this Edith Wharton quote was a wonderful reminder that in the darkness we can be our own celebration. “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

In all the candles and light and beauty this holiday season, it’s important to reflect as much of the love, spirit, happiness, and good wishes that shine on you. Send back all the beauty that you see, all the love that you feel, all the smiles that you experience. Because each time you reflect and share some of your own light, it’s like lighting another candle, and then that candle can light another and then another and then another.

And trust me, that will make your holiday so much sweeter.


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