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Red Cordory Pants from High School

I wore these pants my senior year of high school. They are perfect red cords. The fit, the style, the color, the comfort level. I loved them. Did you ever have pants like that? Maybe some jeans that when you buttoned them, the world seemed to fall into place. I wore these to most everything that fall, parties, dress-down days (I went to a uniformed, Catholic high school), Saturdays hanging out. In fact, I remember I was wearing these pants when I got my acceptance letter to The College of Charleston (my alma mater). Sixteen years later, I still own these pants. I dug them out of the back of my closet this week. I’m not going to tell you that they fit. They don’t. But rather than sentimental hangers on taking up my precious closet space, I kind of feel like there’s hope that maybe some day I’ll wear them again.

I’ve learned plenty this month.

  • I am not on a diet. I have made some major changes to what I eat and my approach to food. I feel especially good about this, like major breakthrough good because obviously it’s working.
  • Exercise isn’t a chore. It doesn’t have to be something to dread. In fact, exercising can mean more than just good health. It can mean me time, time to enjoy the world around me, time to appreciate all I have.
  • I can get a good workout at home, in the back yard or around the neighborhood or inside even. I don’t need the gym, and if simple works, then I should do it.
  • I do feel better when I workout and eat well. I’m stronger, happier, I’ve been sleeping better. Amazing.
  • This might be my favorite lesson from this month: I’m doing this for more than just myself. I am setting a healthy example for my children, working to make healthy a priority for my entire family. It’s amazing the difference I can make for my children just through healthy actions.

This morning I ran my stairs and did sit ups and push ups. Tonight for dinner we at salmon and yellow squash. Tomorrow I am going to a yoga class (yes, I confirmed it’s on). Each day is a new dedication to feel healthy and better, to feel stronger and more capable. And each day is an opportunity to get a little closer to my red cords.

How did your 30 Days go? What did you learn? Are you looking forward to August?