Be Outside Day 17 | DIY String Bird Feeder

String Bird Feeder 1

Update! I’ve just been told that I’ve made the string pieces inside of my bird feeder too long, that it can be dangerous for the birds. I just took my string bird feeder down until spring, but when I remake this next Spring, and when you make it next, please use short, tiny pieces of yarn that will be bird friendly. Thank you!

I’m revisiting the String Bird Feeder I made last year during my Backyard Makeover. This super simple DIY is one of my favorites to add color to my back yard and the nests of all my bird neighbors. Since I started going outside more, I’ve started hearing the birds all over again. They sing to each other. They sing to welcome the sunrise. They sing while we play. They sing when we’re quiet. They are the soundtrack to my outside, and I love that. Whatever I can do for them, I do gladly. This string bird feeder isn’t for my birds to eat from but it is for them to make their nest pretty and cozy.

All you need to make your own String Bird Feeder is some yarn and a suet feeder. It’s a great time to use up yarn scraps you may have. But if you don’t have scraps, like me, then you can buy yarn. I found some that was pretty and dyed naturally, so I wouldn’t hurt or pollute the birds with chemicals.

String Bird Feeder 2

Cut the yarn into short pieces. Long pieces can entangle our winged friends, and that’s the last thing we want. Shorter pieces will mean they are able to safely carry and use the yarn. When you’ve gotten your yarn cut, fill your suet feeder. (This is the easiest DIY ever, right?)

String Bird Feeder 3

Just hang the feeder in your trees, and then begin looking for your the colorful yarn in nests all over your neighborhood. The birds will thank you.

String Bird Feeder 4

String Bird Feeder 7



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