The Days No. 11

The Days No. 11 Night

This week, I’m feeling like my days have turned to night very quickly, and meditation has become part of my nightly routine. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just different from what I had envisioned when I started my 30 Days of Mediation. This is what this week has looked like.  |  Day 16 I didn’t get 15 full minutes in, but I did stop for several long moments under this sky. #illtakeit  | Day 17  #om #meditation #selfie  | Day 18 Hello Bed. Welcome to my daily meditation practice.  | Day 19 “Thinking you are unable to meditate is a little like thinking you are unable to breathe, or to concentrate, or relax.” -Jon Kabat-Zinn #thereshope  | Day 20 Tonight there are candles. #alliscalm  | Day 21 Palms, mind, and heart open.  |  Day 22 Yurbuds + a guided #meditation = quiet peace.

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