Get Organized Day 23 | The Great Purse Clean Out

Hello purse.

Great Purse Clean Out | In The Next 30 Days

I’m at this weird stage in purse-dom. I don’t need a huge, monstrous diaper bag any more. But I still need space for occasional diapers and sippy cups. And I should tell you that I’m not good with a purse. I hate carrying something I have to hold in my hand or keep up on my shoulder or anything that gets in the way. So I guess I am picky and need something of a certain size with plenty of pockets that I can wear cross-body. Like I said, Hello Purse.

Yesterday, I kind of realized that my purse was on dangerous ground collecting stuff. I pulled everything out, got rid of everything that wasn’t necessary, and then put everything back in its place. It’s amazing what I carry around that I don’t need and don’t even think about. (And yes, I totally forgot to include my wallet in these picture. Yes, you can laugh at me. Just know that I do know where it is, and yes, it made the organizational cut.)

Organizing my Purse | In The Next 30 Days

Obvious things were removed. I don’t need trash, a sun hat, or a hair bow. But I realized that I was duplicating efforts by carrying my green calendar and my iPod. And that mixed CD that I picked up at this weekend’s Southeast Zine Fest makes me excited to discover some amazing music, but I don’t need it in my purse. I also enclosed all the diapering supplies in an accessory bag to further organize.

More than what’s inside, the biggest organizational difference in my purse involves my keys. It’s not pretty, but I’ve started clipping my keys to my purse with a carabiner. I don’t ever loose my keys in my purse or little hands. And I don’t ever have that moment of panic when I worry I’ve lost my keys. When my hands are full of groceries or blankies, this is such a time and worry saver.

Purse Organization | In The Next 30 Days

What’s in your purse that you don’t really need? Or (maybe more helpfully) how do you keep your purse organized?

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