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My Sleep Cycle Graph | In The Next 30 Days

I’ve been sleeping according to an awake and sleep schedule for a week now. And so far so good. I’m getting more used to the wake up time, and I’m typically in bed by the bedtime time, if not earlier. It’s much harder to stick to the rules over the weekend though. I was up late both Friday and Saturday nights, and Saturday morning I was out of bed by 5 because I think my body was just off.

So adding to my scheduling, I downloaded Sleep Cycle. At it’s most basic, Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock that senses when you’re very asleep and when you’re sleeping lightly, and it will wake you up accordingly. Your smart phone or, in my case iPod, goes face down under your sheet near your pillow. Then, using technology I don’t understand, it tracks your movement. So the app can tell when you sleep deeply and move less. Then, it generates graphs like the one above that can tell when I’m awake or sleeping deeply.

I’ve also been inspired by another Greatist Ambassador Natalie Melchiorre from Body Aide who working on her sleep too. She keeps a spreadsheet log in addition to her Sleep Cycle graphs to keep track of when she works out late in the day, drinks alcohol or tea, eats late, or has a stressful day. I’m going to start doing something similar so I can modify my habits to really get the best sleep I can. Check out more of Natalie’s thoughts on sleeping here.

I haven’t been using it long enough to really see a clear pattern, but I’m going to see how things look over a period of time. And maybe I’ll be able to figure out my triggers so I can rest easy. And of course I’ll share it all with you soon.


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    I used to use that sleep cycle app! It was really fascinating to see how I slept, although I always wondered if it was really recording my movement or my husbands next to me (when he turns over, it’s an earthquake – no joke, I’ve woken up thinking that was happening). Plus, I was so paranoid it wouldn’t wake me up in time I was always waking up super early. So now I just use my normal annoying alarm clock haha

    Strive to Thrive,
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      I was wondering the same thing, Nic. How does it account for other people in my bed? And how funny that you’ve woken up thinking it was an earthquake! I haven’t slept through it yet, but I will for sure let you know if I do.

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    How’s the sleep tracking going? Notice any interesting patterns yet? I share my bed with my boyfriend and I haven’t noticed that it messes up the tracking. But I also have a memory foam mattress topper, so maybe that helps dampen the movement. I think it’s pretty sensitive and really only picks up the greater movement that happens closer to where it’s located, like head movement on your pillow.
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      It’s going well. I’ve been able to tell that I have consistent wake up times every night, and I can see a real connection between stress and my sleep. And maybe these are Earth-shattering discoveries, but it’s good to be able to pinpoint sleep issues like this. It makes them more tangible. I’m going to start addressing my stress levels and trying to deal with that so that I can work on improving my sleep quality. I think there will be more to tell as I use it even more.

      And I think you’re right. Now that I’ve used Sleep Cycle for a while, I don’t think it picks up my husband’s movements at all. I think, rather, it picks up my reactions to my husbands movements. He goes to the bathroom, and I roll over. That sort of thing.

      I will say, that I do like waking up when I’m already close to awake. It’s a beautiful alarm that knows not to disturb me when I’m in a deep sleep.

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