Be Outside Day 28 | The Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 1.5

When you make it your mission to Be Outside, you start to look for goings on that might put you a little outside your comfort zone. Not that I’m bored with my backyard sitting or hanging on the beach, but sometimes you just want to do something that will make your heart beat a little faster. Last weekend Jason and I escaped to Myrtle Beach to celebrate our 10th anniversary. From our hotel room, we could clearly see the Sky Wheel. While heights aren’t my very favorite things, I knew I wanted the view from the top, and I wanted to ride the Sky Wheel. Jason humored my adventurous spirit, and we bought tickets.

Sky Wheel 2

I felt very small standing on the deck beneath the Sky Wheel. The organized workings of a Ferris wheel are hypnotic and amazing. Wires connect to cables connected to pipes that all spin slowly around. The metal ladders cast moving shadows. And the whole thing twirled silently past.

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 3

The first time around rattled my nerves a bit. It was a trust thing, I think. That I was trusting this tangle of steel to keep me safe. But more it was also an OMG-I’m-up-so-high-and-this-cart-I’m-in swings thing. The Sky Wheel gives views of the Grand Strand, all kinds of beach hotels, the Boardwalk, and the beach. Honestly, I could probably see all the way to China from the top of that thing.

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 4

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 5

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 7

Bird’s eye view, right? We spun over the ocean and Myrtle Beach for 20 or so minutes, stopping occasionally to let someone off or pick up new passengers. As our car went around, the skies got bluer and the sun came out. I love moments like those. It’s when you realize how awesome right now is. How totally perfect the second that you’re experiencing is. That feeling, right then, is the feeling of being really alive.

Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel 6

What do you do that makes you feel really, totally, and completely alive?


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      Ha Wendy! It was a little scary, but also totally amazing. And by the third time around I wasn’t so frightened by the heights and more in awe of what I was seeing.

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