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Anna Hartman blogs and changes lives at In The Next 30 Days, a personal challenge and self improvement blog. Community is a beautiful thing, is it not? It’s such a monumental part of why I love to blog, why I feel at home on my blog and surrounded by bloggers. I want to share and read. I want to learn what it’s like to be you and I want to know I’m not alone. And last month’s lesson in drawing inspiration from a crowd has taught me that I need to reach out more and be more open to the possibilities of others. Every interaction is a learning experience.

My friend Jessica from Chaos & Love suggested 30 Days of Bloggers earlier this year, and I’ve been thinking about the best ways to make it happen. I think I’ve figured it out. I’ve asked for submissions from bloggers all over the internet, and chosen the very best of those. Some I’ve known for a while (like Jessica) and some are brand new to me, which is extra exciting.

I asked everyone who submitted the same series of questions, and then I will compile the answers here. I’ll share with you bloggers all month long so you can stock up your BlogLovin’ with all the best of the best so you never run out of things to read. And of course, I’m starting out the 30 days with my own answers to the very same questions. So if you’re curious about who I am and what makes me crazy enough tackle a 30 Day challenge every month, read on. And come back for more blogger-inspired goodness all month long.

It’s going to be a great 30 Days. I can tell already.

Anna Hartman


In The Next 30 Days

What Is Your Blog About?

It’s a personal challenge and self improvement blog. Every 30 Days, I give myself a new challenge–to my health, my bliss, my community–and then I blog and photograph my adventures.

What Makes Your Blog Different?

It’s different because of its 30-day structure and routine that makes it easier to set and reach all my goals. I love the relationships that come with making my personal challenges, successes, and failures  public.

Where Do You Blog?

Mostly on my couch with my laptop. But lately, in the parking lot of Julia’s dance class has become the perfect, quiet space.

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

Light, but not sweet. And I really like the whole bulletproof approach (minus sweetener)

The Most-Played Song in My iTunes is [FILL IN THE BLANK].

Same Old Same Old by the Civil Wars *sigh*

I Couldn’t Live Without My [FILL IN THE BLANK].

I should say something like my well-read copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. But if I’m honest, it’s really my iPhone.

Where Is Your Dream Vacay?

SCUBA diving in Turks and Caicos.

Who is your Girl Crush?

Kerry Washington. Hands down.

What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Can I have two? Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream OR True Blood.

If You Could Invite Anyone (Alive or Dead) To Dinner, Who Would It Be?

Harper Lee, and I might ask her sign my iPhone. (This is me being sarcastic. Harper Lee, you’re welcome to dinner anytime.)

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Body?

My Blue Eyes

What Do You Want The World To Know About You?

I’m stubborn to a fault, and I realize that this might be the reason why I’m good at getting things done in 30 Days. I hate giving up and admitting defeat, especially when I’m sure I’m right.

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