Stop Cussing Day 1

Day 1 of my 30 Days Challenge to stop cussing.  Because it's gotten out of hand. | In The Next 30 Days At first, I thought I could land Max’s fascination with beaver dams on his love of the Wild Kratts and all things animal. I thought it was innocent, that he was just talking about these cool animals that build their own home and have big teeth and wide tails.

But I was the innocent, because the other day this happened:

Max, was wearing knight’s armor on his back like a “Minja” turtle. And he was flipping and cartwheeling through the house while fighting bad guys and who knows else what.

“Damn!” He yelled it from the hallway. I was in my kitchen, so I didn’t know if I was hearing right or if maybe he’d switched his pretend games. “Damn!” It came again.

I put down the knife I was using to cut veggies for dinner and walked closer. He’d moved into his bedroom, and I watch him wield his foam sword at Shredder or someone. “Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.” Each time he stabbed forward it happened again. “Damn. Damn. DAMN!”

“Max. Honey.” I tried to stay calm and not freak out. I mean, it wasn’t like he was throwing out F-bombs, right.

My kid turned to me and smiled big. “It’s okay to talk about beavers and their dams, Mom.”

“Are you  talking about beavers now, Max?”

My almost-four-year-old looked at me. And he smiled so big. “No.”

And then I knew this was all my fault.

Damn is my go-to swear.
I break a plate in the kitchen: Damn.
Traffic is bad: Damn.
I cut myself with scissors: Damn.
I wake up late: Damn.

I’m not proud of it, but my kids hear it. But it’s obviously becoming a problem. And let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before he pulls out his favorite word on the playground or on a playdate. I really don’t want him to become that kid.

So for these 30 day, I am going to give up cussing. I’m going to stop swearing. Because I know that I have to set the example for my kids. Right now, Max is so determined to try anything anyone else does, I’ve got to do better. I have to be aware of what I do and say. I just HAVE to.

I’m starting today. Right now. I pulled a mason jar off the shelf to use as a swear jar. Every swear word, every word I wouldn’t want to hear out of my son’s mouth will cost me 50 cents. And at the end of the month, I’m giving all that money to Jessica and her Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer funds. I’ll tell you more about all that tomorrow and share how you can get involved in Stop Cussing and Start Swearing to End Breast Cancer.

In the meantime, wish me luck! (I’m really going to need it.)