Freelance Day 20 | Anna Hartman, Creative

Anna Hartman, Creative a full-service graphic design studio is coming soon. I swear. Things are moving forward at Anna Hartman, Creative.

But as I build over on, I see quickly that I can’t be in two places at one time. I really wish I could be. It might simplify life, in a complicated way.

It’s a great business lesson to learn, isn’t it. Time budgeting and managing. Learning to prioritize and compartmentalize. Learning that multitasking isn’t always the best solution.

So this week, I’m working over on on my freelancing web site. And yes, I’m behind the scenes, but I’m creating there. I have pictures and services, and I’m building and generating and building. The entire process makes me happy and excited and nervous.

It’s slow moving work, and I’m good at overthinking.

But I’m working, and that’s the most important thing.

So give me a week. And I’ll be back and better than ever. And sneak over there and peek. You might see the Coming Soon page, but there’s a chance too that you might see what I see with home pages and mechanical photography and lots of beautiful color.

I’ll keep you updated.