Huge I Love You Hugs, and A Little Break

I love you! | In The Next 30 Days I found this tree at the Blind Tiger in downtown Charleston. It’s a former speakeasy that’s now one of my favorite places to sit outside and enjoy a drink. Especially if my sweet husband is involved. And especially if there are Moscow Mules, which there were the night I saw this tree.

There’s something extra powerful about seeing declarations of love in public places.

So this is my public declaration of love for you:

You’re amazing, talented, so smart, and always say just the right things. And I love you. I just wanted to let you know.

Give yourself a huge hug from me. Even bigger than that. Enjoy your long weekend (assuming, of course, that you have one). And know that I’ll be back on Wednesday with the start of a whole new 30 Days to share with you. I’m going to take a little break to enjoy my family and a night or two off.