Coffee Day 11 | 7 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Check out these 7 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee.  Like you needed more reasons. | In The Next 30 Days I am not so patiently waiting on an assorted pack of K-cups so I can get really serious into taste testing and trying out. I kind of can’t wait. And I’ve been trying out different ways to brew and different additions to my mug in the morning.

But there’s more to coffee than the caffeine, ritual, and the connection. I’m learning there are other reasons why pouring a mug (or three) might be as good for my health as it is for my brain. Read on to learn 7 healthy reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to pour another cup.

  • Coffee is Filled with Antioxidants: They’re often credited with cancer and heart disease prevention, and Americans seem to get a majority of their antioxidants from their coffee.
  • Coffee Lowers Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: People who drink four our more cups of coffee a day are 50% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The same study also claims that for each additional cup of coffee you drink, you lower your risk by another 7%.
  • Coffee Supports Brain Health: CNN reports that coffee makes your brain work better and more efficiently. It improves reaction time, attention, and logical reasoning.
  • Coffee Makes you Happy: It might be because of the boost from the caffeine, or maybe it’s because of the antioxidants, but coffee makes you happier. And people who drink coffee are less likely to be depressed.
  • Coffee Can Help Burn Fat: This is simple, right? Caffeine is a stimulant, and that can help boost your metabolism, which helps you burn fat. And that’s never a bad thing.
  • Coffee is Good For Your Liver: If you’re an alcohol drinker, then your liver will benefit from a regular coffee drinking habit. Coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from liver cirrhosis.
  • Coffee Drinkers Feel Pain Less Acutely: A Norwegian study has shown that coffee drinkers feel less muscle and joint pain during regular work day.

I didn’t necessarily need a reason to drink my coffee. I enjoy it enough as it is. But knowing that it’s healthy for my body too, just makes it that much easier to reach for my next cup.