Back to Basics Day 1

In 30 Days, I'm cleaning up and focusing on what's important. I'm getting back to what's most important, to my priorities. I'm reconnecting and regrouping. | In The Next 30 DaysLook at me! I’m here. And I’ve missed you so.

I needed the summer to reassess. I needed some time to keep my focus on my children, on the summer itself, on work that was deadline driven and career focused.

But it’s September now, the first of the month, and I feel like I need to refocus my energy, reconvene here in this space and focus again on my self improvement, on myself. I am going to carve out the time to make this space alive again, make it dance for me and truly represent where I am in my mind and in life.

Here is something I realized over the summer:

My life is more complicated than it needs to be.

I have more stuff, more thoughts, more obligations, more of everything that I don’t need. I have too much of most everything, and most of it I don’t need.

I feel like I’m drowning in clutter. My calendar is over whelming. Last week, I had to cancel appointments to make room for other things I’d promised to do. And I can’t keep track of where I’m even supposed to be when. All night long, my head swims and my dreams are wild. (Really, the other night, I was spreading refried beans on my yoga mat at YOGAPOP.)

And when things start affecting my sleep, I know that something has to give.

So for these 30 Days I’m getting back to basics.

For these 30 Days, I’m cleaning up, and cleaning out, and focusing on what’s important. I’m getting back to what’s most important to me, to my root priorities. This month is all about reconnecting, refocusing, and regrouping.

Will you join me?