Find Joy Day 1

30 Days in 30 Days to Find Joy. | In The Next 30 DaysWhen I scroll through my Facebook feed, I can’t help but feeling like the only Scrooge on the planet. I see photos of Christmas tress already up, holiday ornaments already made, stockings hung. And please don’t mention the elf. I still have to find our Ralphie.

And it’s not that I don’t love this season, but I’m dreading the work that goes into creating a holiday that feels so magical.

“Mothers make Christmas happen,” my mother says. And she’s right. We’re the organizers and jugglers.We’re the train that drives the decorating and shopping. Not that Daddies aren’t important too, but I can’t help but imagine the simple Christmas my husband would orchestrate filled with gift cards and more whiskey than nog in the eggnog.

So these 30 Days are all about finding joy in the everyday moments, cherishing the seconds that are going to fly by more rapid than eagles. It’s about finding joy amid the crazy and the bustle. It’s about seeking the happy moments instead of the burden. It’s finding the smiles instead of the stress. And there, in the joy is the true meaning of the season.

Because when you feel the joy, you can see the love.

That said, given the lack of success that I had with my last 30 Days (ahem) and the business of this time of year, I knew I needed some more rules in order to pull off a 30 Day Challenge in December. I needed to be clear about where I was going and obvious about what I was doing or I wouldn’t do anything at all. It’s all about accountability and setting rules, remember?

So this is where I think we can all help each other to keep the focus on the joy in these 30 Days. I’ve come up with this list of prompts to help us along. And I’ll be doing one activity each day to help me find joy. Please, do you own versions of these activities. Share what you do and what you learn on your social media pages or on my Facebook page. I want to see and share what you’re up to.

And check back here or on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages to see the joy I’m keeping close each day.

30 Days in 30 Days to Find Joy. | In The Next 30 DaysLet’s make this the most joyful holiday yet. And let’s do it together.