Bloggers Day 21 | Cindi Carver-Futch of On Being Present

CIndi Carver-Futch is shaking up what it means to be a memoir blogger. She's an author, actress, singer, and musician and shares her life with perspective and love. | In The Next 30 DaysCindi Carver-Futch is my hero.

We met when we were cast in Listen To Your Mother, Charleston, and she’s the kind of mother, writer, and woman I want to be when I grow up. She has an amazing perspective on life that is full of love, compassion, and humor. Plus her  honesty is truly beautiful. I’m working my way through her memoir Leaving the Shallows, and I find myself sitting with each essay as I finish it, letting it echo off my bones and fill me up. Because each story does resonate. I love a writer who can touch a nerve with every word on paper. And Cindi is that kind of writer.

You need to check out her blog On Being Present for more beautiful moments. But learn more about Cindi here first.

Cindi Carver-Futch


On Being Present

What Is Your Blog About?

Like many moms – heck, like most people these days – I struggle against simply being busy. Most of life is made up not of big things but of countless small moments. Therefore it is important for me to be on and be present during the minutiae of everyday life. That is where I find the most truth, the most beauty, the most honesty. Writing with humor and poignancy about life as I observe it helps me to live a better story. I share my stories in hopes they will encourage others to be fully present and find the joy in their own lives. 

What Makes Your Blog Different?

My slightly off-kilter perspective. I’m a 50 year old mom of a 12 year old daughter, and a passionate lover to my 65 year old husband. I love sarcasm and appreciate sincerity. I follow Jesus and accept evolution. I’m a recovering depressive and a cockeyed optimist. I’m a military contractor by day, and a writer and actor by night. A friend once described me as a guidepost, standing firm and pointing people in the right direction. I’m not sure about the “standing” part – I like to move and my perspective on life is constantly changing – but accept that I am a natural encourager. 

Where Do You Blog?

Wherever I happen to be with my laptop when I have a spare minute. If my laptop isn’t available, I record ideas on my phone and I always have a notebook in my purse. 

How Do You Take Your Coffee or Tea?

I take coffee like I take my man – strong, sweet, creamy and frequently.

The Most-Played Song in My iTunes is [FILL IN THE BLANK].


I Couldn’t Live Without My [FILL IN THE BLANK].


Where Is Your Dream Vacay?

A summer touring Europe 

Who is your Girl Crush?

My friend Wendy. If we ever find ourselves single at the same time, I will move to NYC to live with her and we will take in stray cats.

What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Watching TV shows on Netflix. I’m a late adopter and lack the patience to wait for weekly episodes.

If You Could Invite Anyone (Alive or Dead) To Dinner, Who Would It Be?

My late father, because I miss him. And my grandparents, because I have a lot of questions. And then my mom and the rest of our family, because we would have one heck of a party!

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Body?

My red hair, because being a natural redhead has definite advantages. And my boobs, because they fed my daughter, they’re a nice size, and at 50 they are still perky enough for me to skip the bra on occasion.   

What Do You Want The World To Know About You?

For years I lived with depression. It started with infertility and my father’s illness, and worsened after his death and a miscarriage. My husband and family were lovingly relentless until I finally admitted I needed help. Therapy, medication, earthing, prayer and love helped bring me out of the darkness. Embracing the creativity and transparency of writing helps me stay in the light. 

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