Stop Cussing Day 6 | Bad Words I’m Not Saying

Shhhh. These are the bad words I'm not saying  during these 30 Days to stop cussing. | In The Next 30 DaysI’ve been asked a couple of times which words I’m not saying. How have I determined which word is a “bad word” and which word is okay? And I’m following a very simple rule:

If I don’t want my kids to say it, then I’m not saying it either.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been good about not dropping F-bombs. I’ve been on my best behavior and aware of that single word, the mother of all swear words. Because if you’re going to stop swearing, that’s a good place to start.

Instead of F!#k, I started saying “Flip!” Which I thought was totally innocent. And maybe it was, until my kids through it was a good thing to start saying too.

It was like song lyrics that might be okay for the radio but probably aren’t okay for a toddler to sing loudly. You know, the ones you scramble to turn to volume down or sing the wrong words over it. Fill my cup. Put some water in it. 

Flip became that. And just because it was a bandaid over the really bad word, it still wasn’t okay. The meaning was still there and still just as strong. And maybe it was worse since it was clear I was failing miserably at keeping my kids minds and mouths pure.

So when this 30 Day challenge began, I knew that the almost bad words had to go along with the bad words. Flip was too close to F!#k and had to go. Shoot isn’t any good. And I’d rather not hear my kiddos say arse.

This rule makes things very clear, but also more complicated. Without obvious space fillers, I find myself stopping mid sentence or mid text message. And I feel very elementary. F!#k up became mess up in a text conversation earlier today. And Sh!t turned into phooey.

But I think I can handle elementary if it means they’re not whispering at school about what Mommy said.

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