Bloggers Day 31 | Lessons Learned

This is the last post of my 30 Days of Bloggers. And what in interesting look at some amazing blogs. Did you find a new favorite? | In The Next 30 DaysThese 30 Days have been jam-packed with lots of things and people that i love. I’ve enjoyed exploring and learning about new blogs. I’ve had fun sharing some bloggers that I love with you. And I’ve loved filling my BlogLovin’ feed with more blogs to keep reading and sharing and learning from into the future. When you think about it, that’s really what blogging is all about. It’s all about the opportunity to share and learn and grow and feel like an integral part of something. And that is an amazing thing.

And there have been lessons too, as there always are. Here is a little bit of what I’ve learned in these 30 Days.

  • I don’t read nearly enough blogs. I’ve gotten a little lazy in my blog reading. But I need to be more involved, more comment happy, more a part of my blogging community. I know that it’s not enough to be a blogger. I need to be a blog reader too.
  • Comparison is deadly. Very quickly this month I learned that it does me no good to compare myself to the featured bloggers. And it was hard. So so hard. But this blogging thing can’t be a competition. It has to be all about the support we give each other. It has to be about celebrating the differences and the chance to learn from each other. I’m focusing on community instead of comparison now.
  • We bloggers are a caffeinated bunch. But I think that’s because we’re always going, always looking for the next new thing, always changing. There is incredible energy that comes with combining bloggers like this, and I have loved every second.

So incase you missed anyone or just want to go back and learn more about some of the bloggers featured this month, here’s the list of all the ladies featured.

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