Love Letters Day 25 | The Love Letters I’ve Written

Some of my favorite love letters

This month, the question I’ve been asked the most is, “So, what do you write in your letters?” It’s a good question. It’s not like I’m writing my mother or a note to my husband. It’s natural curiosity. So today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite letters that I’ve written this month. Ready?

Dear Stranger,
You don’t know me, but I’m sending you a beautiful day; lots of wide blue skies; warm sunshine on your face; and all the happiness you can stand!
All My Best, Anna

Hello Friend,
I firmly believe that the world needs more love letters, so THIS is yours! I’m writing to tell you that I love your sense of adventure, your curiosity, your spontainety. (You picked up this letter, right?) I love that you’re willing to try something new! Not everyone sees the world the same way you do, so keep it up! Keep being the awesomely amazing person that you are!
Wishing you sunshine, Anna

Hello Stranger,
I always try to smile at people I don’t know. If I see someone at the grocery store or the beach, if I see someone in the parking lot or at the doctor’s office–I always smile. It’s my way of making the world just a little brighter. But you! I haven’t seen you yet, so consider this my smile in a letter. I hope your day is bright, your steps a little lighter, your moments a little sweeter. You deserve it.
All my best, Anna

Dear You!
This letter has made its way from my desk to your hands. I hope that it reminds you that you are beautiful, amazing, important, and so loved.
Best, Anna

Dear Friend,
When the weather turns in the Spring time, I look to the blue skies, I see the flowers blooming, I turn my face to the sea breeze, and I am reminded how beautiful the world truly is. You, my dear, are a part of that beauty. Always know that you are dearly loved and so important. Let your talents and gifts shine through the same way the flowers bloom–with grace, courage, and strength.All my best, Anna

So tell me, have I inspired you to write your own letter yet? What are the kindest words you’ve ever heard or read?