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My parents arrived two glorious hours early Monday evening. The kids were so excited they met Noni and PawPaw on the front porch in their bare feet, giggling at Bella, Mom’s golden retriever, as she loped out of the car. I think we gave them a warm welcome. And I know my home was ready and super clean. Last week, I posted about Simple Mom‘s advice for hosting overnight guests. I followed some of the advice, and here’s how I get ready for house guests.

  •  I raided the travel toiletries section at Wal Mart and stocked up on extra tooth brushes and tooth paste, razors and shaving cream, lotion, soap. Q-tips, etc. I put them all in my guest bathroom where they would be easily accessible just in case something important might have been forgotten.
  • I left coffee (decaf for Mom and caffeinated for Dad) out on the counter near the coffee maker where my father, who always wakes up first, would find it easily.
  • I left some new books and magazines on the side table in my guest room. My mother’s a reader, so I was sure to leave at least one book she’s be excited about. But bookshelves line the walls of my guestroom (because it doubles as the office), so books are wonderfully available all the time.
  • Mom called last weekend before they got here, and the two of us divided up the Thanksgiving menu. She brought the ingredients for pies and cranberries, plus a tenderloin for dinner another night. She’s been helping in the kitchen, and both of my parents are huge helps with the kids. Letting them help around the house takes some of the weight off me.
  • I put this rosemary bush on the bedside table upstairs. It smells so lovely, and while it’s not a flower, it is a lovely touch that makes an office room feel much more homey and comfortable. Julia wanted to leave roses in a vase, but my mother is partial to herbs, and this little pot is perfect.

Do you have guests for your Thanksgiving? What are you doing to make the visit easier on both of you?

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