Holiday Preparation Day 19 | Dear Santa

What I really want this Christmas | In The Next 30 Days

Dear Santa,

Do you hear my daughter, Julia, as she speaks to you at our fireplace? She tells me that you hear everything she says, so all her wishes and everything she wants most is spoken as she stands on the brick hearth, peering into the flue. “I want a Doodle Bear, please. I have been very good this year taking care of my brother. Please come visit me, Santa. Bye.”

Moments like these, moments when my children make my heart feel like it will burst, are the ones I want to remember the most this holiday. I want have the time and mindset to stop, drink this time in, and truly cherish every smile, every eye twinkle, every second of spirit with my family. What I really want this holiday is quiet. Not noise quiet because I have toddlers and know that won’t happen. But I want a quiet holiday with my sweet family–my husband and children and me–close to enjoy this season together. What I want most is to enjoy this Christmas holiday without all the hustle and bustle and stress and crazies that so easily come.

This will be our very first holiday without guests, so that’s a start, right, Santa? I love the big family atmosphere. I do, and next year we’ll have a crowd again. But this year, Santa, I want to enjoy the simplicity of the season and having my family close. I want to feel the love, Santa. Maybe this year we can start new traditions, learn to appreciate the happiness instead of the material things. And maybe, just maybe, I will avoid the crazies and stress and enjoy the quiet.

I know you can’t wrap quiet and peace in a beautiful box with a bow. But thanks for listening to me and especially to Julia. Her declarations to you and promises of good behavior are the first moment I’ll remember from my quiet holiday.

Love and Happy Holidays!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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