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Easy Tips for Welcoming Overnight Guests | In The Next 30 Days Simple Mom

My parents arrive Monday for a week-long Thanksgiving celebration. We are excited and planning fun things to do outside of our turkey dinner, like visit the aquarium (Julia’s vote) and eat at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs (Max’s idea). But we don’t have a very many overnight visitors here, so while we plan, we’re also trying to get ready by cleaning and washing sheets, trying our hardest to make our little home welcoming. But at the same time, I remember my guidelines for a stress-free holiday, especially the “I’m not Martha” one. Because while I’d love to make my parents feel as comfortable as they might in a four-star resort they aren’t at a hotel. And, I especially keep reminding myself, that they’re not coming to visit to get the hotel treatment.

In a moment where desperation met curiosity, I Googled “get ready for overnight guests.” I thought I’d find a lot of advice about what to put on the bedside table and turning down pillows and reasons why twin beds are better for guests. But instead I found this article from Simple Mom: “Hosting Overnight Guests: 10 Easy Tips to Help Your Visitors Feel Welcome.” The author, Tsh Oxenreider wrote Organized Simplicity, which is on my Kindle waiting to be read right now.

In the next couple of days I’m going to work to implement some of these tips. They really do seem like easy and effective ways to make a visit go more smoothly. (And they seem like common sense, but “Make things easy to find” had never crossed my mind before when it comes to house guests. I mean, duh.) I’ll take photos and give you all an update this weekend. It’s exciting to have an approachable plan.


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      You’re right. Letting your guests help takes some of the pressure off both the hostess and the guest. Plus, it’s so nice to spend the time together, no matter how simple.


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