Get to Know Me Day 25 | My Mega Rad, Mega Colorful Weekend

My Color Me Rad 5K | In The Next 30 Days

You guys! I had such a fun Saturday. I ran the Color Me Rad 5k here in Charleston. And while I don’t typically do weekend recaps, I have to share this with you.

I don’t consider myself a runner. I’ve told you that before. I’m not built like a runner. I don’t love running like some people do. I run because it’s good exercise. It’s good for my body. And it’s hard for me to find an excuse not to tie my shoes and go out in the evenings. But if every day that I went running someone coated me with dyed cornstarch, I might really love to run.

That’s the concept of the Color Me Rad. It’s not really a race for the serious racer. Really. It’s kind of hard to breathe efficiently when there’s a lot of cornstarch in the air, no one at the race has a stop watch, and the race attracts a lot of people just looking to get dirty in a fun way. But that’s the deal. It’s an event centered around having fun. Go run, get colored, and have fun. If you want to run, great. If you want to walk, that’s cool too. Just make sure you have fun while you do it.

My friend Terri and I ran in the first wave of runners. We started with white shirts and clean faces. (And check out my Greatist tattoo because well, I’m a Greatist.) We ran through each of the five color stations with our arms up, cheering, smiling. We finished in 30 something minutes. And I ended up, well, you can see what colors I ended up in the pictures. I was the Anna version of Rainbow Bright.

Do you want to know the best part? I had fun running. I want to run more, and for me that’s monumental.

All Clean Start | In The Next 30 Days
Running with friends | In The Next 30 Days

So tell me, what’s your favorite workout? Or better yet, what’s your favorite way to get dirty?


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    I loved my Color Me Rad experience last year. It wasn’t really much of run, though, as I was in the 3rd heat and stuck behind lots of non-runners. But definitely still a blast. Have to say that lifting weights is still my favorite workout, though.
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      Sounds like your race was similar to mine, but even in the first heat there were plenty of non runners. I think it’s the color that attracts them. 😉 I need to get to lifting more weights, and I’m both scared and curious of CrossFit. I’ll try it one day.

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