Get to Know Me, Day 22 | A Day in the Life, Part 2

My Day in Photos | In The Next 30 Days

I spent my Tuesday with my iPhone in hand documenting my day. I snapped pictures at everything, every moment. And here are the highlights in order. I will tell you that by the end of the day, I was tried of always having my phone so close. I was sick of myself on Instagram, and my kids kept looking at me with that not-again-mom kind of look.

But the results are interesting. On any given Tuesday, which this was, it’s clear my children rule the day. And I’m sure this is pretty much how it’s supposed to go when you’re the mom of two. But as a result there’s not a lot of room for me-myself time. I spent time at my computer in the morning, but Julia was perched on my shoulder wondering how cats give themselves baths. And during nap time, I spent my time filling Easter eggs for the kids to take to school. So once bedtime hit, I did get time to myself for a little physical activity and then reading before bed.

It’s clear there’s not a lot of balance in my day. Mapping out these moments illustrates shows that, but it also shows my life’s focus right now. And knowing where I need to focus and where I do focus can only lead to a better understanding of who I am and where I’m going, which is what these 30 Days are all about.


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