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Napping Decadance | In The Next 30 Days

I took a very necessary power nap yesterday. I slipped into my bed right after I tucked the kids into theirs. Then I set the timer on my iPod for 20 minutes and fell instantly asleep. I didn’t turn over or dream or even move, I don’t think. I woke up to the alarm, spent a moment rubbing my eyes and stretching, and then reset the alarm for 5 more minutes.

Why do naps feel so decadent? Do you think it’s because napping is typically reserved for kiddos and babies who’s bodies just require more sleep. Or is it because napping is typically reserved for people who don’t have anything else left on their to do lists? I’m not a child, nor do I have an empty to do list, but I know that sometimes my body needs a power nap like nobody’s business.

When this happens, I want my nap time to be time well slept. Here are some tips I found on Greatist to make sure my nap time perfectly restful.

  • Time it. Somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes is typically best. If you sleep too long, you can end up with sleep drunkenness, which makes you feel even more tired than before. And if you can make it happen, the window between 2 and 4 in the afternoon is usually best. Right in time for that afternoon slump, right?
  • Set the mood. Find a dark, cool, and quiet place, and if you can lie down even better. Maybe even wear a sleep mask, if you need it. Make sure you’re comfortable and able to relax.
  • Meditation your way to rested. Even if you don’t sleep, quiet time and meditation are both great ways to rejuvenate and repower yourself. Meditating can help to eliminate anxiety and recenter your mind. So even if you don’t catch some shut eye, you can enjoy a fresh start the afternoon.

Not every day can be a power nap day. And life is often too busy to allow for quiet time. I know this all too well. But I hope your every power nap can be as restful as mine was.


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    When I worked in retail, especially during the holidays, I mastered the power nap in my car on lunch breaks. It wasn’t comfortable or all that quiet really, but man were they necessary. The ‘sleep drunkenness’ point is a good one, all too often I’ve had that happen to me and it kind of ruins the rest of the day!

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      I think you can train yourself to sleep anywhere, and I’m glad you found the solution in your car. Retail is HARD work. Stores should offer napping rooms for their employees or at least designated napping times. Big companies like Google and Nike encourage napping. I don’t know why it’s not more wide spread. You know?

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      I love a nap reward! It’s so much healthier than food. I agree, napping is like my creativity reload. Off to check out your post. Thanks for sharing.

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