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Make It Dark | In The Next 30 Days

I told you about the technology in my bed, but you should know that my bedroom is brimming with glowing gadgets. There’s an alarm clock that glows red. And two baby monitors flash green lights in addition to transferring the kids’s cries. I know that a dark room is one of the keys to a good night’s sleep, so I moved out my Kindle when it’s charging. And I turned the alarm clock on it’s face so I couldn’t see it glow.

The baby monitors were an issue, though. I couldn’t just get rid of them. There is still the occasional overnight outburst. I tried putting them face down on the table top or the floor, but that green light reflects more than a lighthouse. I’ve hid them behind the books on my bedside table, turned them toward the wall, put them on the floor. Nothing really seemed to make a difference. Even with my eyes closed I felt like I could seen the green light. But, do you remember my denim Duck tape? I taped it over the light, and while it doesn’t block the glow completely, it does make a dramatic difference, and my room is much darker.

But I still wake up, and in the dark of night the streetlight glow through the blinds. So tell me. Do you sleep with an eye mask? Does it make a difference? Or do you have any other tricks for making sure your room is dark enough at bedtime?


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    I totally have the same problem – I need it to be pitch black in the bedroom or I won’t sleep. I made my husband have the clock on his side because I can’t deal with the glowing light. Every once in a while one of our venetian blinds will get stuck and let in some of the street lamp light and it drives me crazy!!!! When I have my real house there will be blackout curtains for sure.

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      My kids have blackout curtains, so I don’t know why we didn’t put them in our room, too. They would certainly make my night life darker. :)

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