Find Creativity Day 15 | Music to Get Creative To

Music to be creative to | In the Next 30 Days

This week, I’ve had a birthday and Valentine’s Day. And I keep thinking that I should revisit my detox month to recover from the past couple of days. When things get kind of crazy, I sometimes have to find other ways to slot into a creative frame of mind. Music is one of the very best ways I’ve found to do that. It’s as if creativity can drip through the speakers and directly to my blood stream.

So I’ve put together some songs to inspire and spark imagination. Consider this your wake-up call with a good beat.

30 Days | Find Creativity by Anna@InTheNext30Days on Grooveshark

What music do you rely on to start your creative juices?


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      Ooo. I’m excited to check out Zoe Keating. I have been loving the music in my power yoga class lately, so I wonder if some of it is Zoe Keating and I just don’t know it yet! Thanks for sharing.

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