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Any month of cleansing has to focus on drinking water. Right? The good news is that water is so accessible. It pours into our homes with the turn of a faucet. It’s relatively inexpensive and so simple to carry with you at all times. I know how good water is for me, and yet I still struggle to reach my goal of 100 oz of water every day. So here are some water resources that might get you and me both thinking more about what we’re drinking and why it should be water.

  • 12 Unexpected Reasons to Drink More Water This New Year. Greatist breaks down reasons why you need water every day. From helping to curb your appetite to helping control muscle soreness, these are simple reasons to fill your glass again.
  • Water: How Much Should You Drink Every Day. Ever wonder exactly how much water you should be drinking every day? The Mayo Clinictries to answer that question while considering your own lifestyle factors, such as exercise, gender, and the environment.
  • Nine Ways to Drink More Water. So you know you need water, but how exactly do you remembering to drink it? This Wikki How article makes several suggestions. Have you thought of setting an hourly watch alarm? Getting your water from water-rich foods? Adding fruit?
  • 3 Easy Infused Water Recipes. I admit to a blog crush on the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. And these water recipes look delicious and like a perfect way to make sure to drink plenty of H20. Basil and strawberries? Yes please.
  • Printable Water Drinking Chart. I shared this easy way to track how much water you’re drinking over the summer during my 30 Days to get Simply Fit. It’s an amazing way to hold yourself accountable, and this month I’m using this printable again. Click over and print it out. You won’t regret it.

How do you make sure you drink plenty of water each day?


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    I don’t drink soda at all anymore and have always loved to drink water but I still struggle to consistently drink enough every day. I’ve noticed that when I use a bigger cup or bottle I tend to drink more.

    Drinking a glass an hour is a good idea. Though it might be tough at work. Thanks for sharing the links!
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