Body & Mind Cleanse Day 23 | DIY Sea Salt Face Scrub

All-Over Sea Salt Scrub | In The Next 30 Days

There are few problems in my life that can’t be cured with a a hot shower. Okay, so maybe the shower doesn’t solve my problems, but it does make me feel better. In the shower, my head is clear, my shoulders relax, my jaw isn’t clinched. And this feeling lasts even longer if my post-shower routine includes some lovely moisturizer and my favorite robe.

Sometimes I really treat myself though with an all over scrub. I’ve tried those scrubs at the drug store. Sometimes just reading those ingredient lists is like scanning a novel. And in this 30 Day Body & Mind Cleanse, whole and simple ingredients are the best way to truly clean me inside and out. So I made this Sea Salt Scrub with three ingredients that were actually in my kitchen. Simple? You bet. And this scrub totally ups the cure-all-ability of any hot shower.

Sea Salt Face Scrub

5 tablespoons of Sea Salt
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 lemon, seeded and juiced

Here’s the only trick. Mix the sea salt and olive oil together very well first. The oil will coat the salt so it won’t dissolve when you squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture, which is the next step. And you want the salt to remain coarse because that is what will help to super cleanse your all-over skin. All that’s left is for you to enjoy in your shower.

This scrub is inexpensive and easy to make, so feel free to use it all over to clean and purify your skin. Plus, the recipe and proportions can be changed to suit your needs or wants. Your skin and mindset will love you for it.


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      Well, I used the batch I made up within a week. So it kept that long. I did keep it in the fridge, and that might have helped. I’m going to make a double match next time, so I’ll let you know how long that one keeps!

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