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Planning the Perfect Picnic

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I’m a little flabbergasted that 10 years  can pass so quickly. And I’m a reminiscing and remembering that beautiful evening in my parent’s yard when we said “I Do.” This year is special, so Jason and I are headed out of town for a quick weekend to celebrate just the two of us. But last year we celebrated our marriage with the kids and white sangria at a picnic. The park, the sunlight through the oaks, the history, the food. It was a perfect picnic and one I wish I could relive over and over.

So in honor of that picnic here are some simple, but important, tips that I go-to when I think of planning the perfect summertime picnic.

Plan ahead. Don’t think you can just throw anything in a basket, walk out the door, and call your evening done. If you plan in advance, then you set yourself up for success from the very beginning.

Choose the perfect location. The location can make all the difference. Choose a spot that has plenty of room to spread out a blanket, like the beach or open green space. You might want some shade to help break up the sunshine. When your picnic is in an interesting setting, there’s always something to look at, something new to see.

Pack well. There are plenty of things you can take on a picnic, but here are somethings you won’t want to leave at home. A comfortable, large blanket for sitting on. Your food and drink of choice (more on that in a bit). Plates, forks, knives, cups, or whatever else you might need to eat or drink from. Sunscreen and bug spray. A bottle opener or cork screw. A small trash bag for cleaning up. I made a monogrammed picnic basket last year that’s perfect for summer dinners in the park or on the beach. Packing everything in one place makes it convenient to carry your supplies to and from the site.

Food and drink. This might be the most important element. Sandwiches are always easy, but I find making a fancier version of the sandwiches we love makes dinner that much more special. I like to pack BLTs on French bread, and instead of lettuce, I like to use spinach and basil. Or orzo pesto pasta (gluten free, of course) is always really good too with chicken and tomatoes. To drink, I make sangria and put it in Mason jars because they seal well and do double duty as glasses on the picnic. Fresh fruit, cheese, sausages are also good additions to any picnic dinner. Remember, though, to keep what needs to be cool, cold. And don’t forget dessert. Last year, I baked cupcakes in to more Ball jars, layered a little frosting and some chocolate chips and my kids still talk about it. Dessert is important.


What makes a picnic perfect for you?


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